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Given the rapid spread of mindfulness programmes for issues as wide-ranging as depression, pain, employee engagement and character development, this book is aimed at the numerous Christians who are wondering what to make of all this.

Ultimately, it will allow questioning Christians to get to grips with mindfulness in a way that is both discerning and sympathetic. By offering background information about 'being mindful' the book will allow readers to disconnect mindfulness from the background of Buddhism in which it is frequently framed.

Available at all good book retailers including Eden and Amazon.


The book Being Mindful, Being Christian has received some good reviews in Christian media.

In the Baptist Times Shaun Lambert (who contributed to the book) interviews Roger Bretherton about it, commenting that "the book is significant because of the way it brings together both serious theological and psychological reflection and analysis of the important area that is mindfulness. It is one of the most significant books that came out last year on this subject, with particularly important chapters on The Mindful God, The Mindful Person and The Mindful Christian."

In the Church Times David Runcorn thinks that the "authors successfully develop a distinctively biblical and Christ-centred ap­­­­proach to the practice of non-judgmental aware­ness which char­acterises mind­fulness, and then explore how this may be applied to different parts of Christian life and faith". He concludes that it is "an outstanding study guide, full of theological and prac­tical insights and reliable pathways into mature, in-depth understand­ing and practice. It would be an excellent resource book for groups and individuals."

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