Join us for our next event

A note on future plans

Inevitably, the current pandemic has produced some uncertainty in the shape BACiP events will take over the next year or so.  Our original plan was to host an exciting day conference in October (working title: Faith in Psychotherapy), presented by our good friends at Christian Psychological Services London, but we have decided to postpone this for the time being to Spring 2021. We also have Will van der Hart of the Mind and Soul Foundation on standby to speak to us on Perfectionism at that time too. And Dr Debbie Hawker has kindly agreed to address us on her book (co-authored with Tony Horsfall) Resilience in Life and Faith: Finding your Strength in God at some point in the coming year.

We have many other good plans in the pipeline too, which haven’t been confirmed yet. Given the current uncertainty, it’s highly likely that we’ll organise several short online events in the Autumn. Much more to follow…