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Dimensions of Resilience

A Conversation with Dr Debbie Hawker

BACiP Live Event, 7:45-9pm, Thursday 29th April 2021


In our next Thursday evening BACiP Live event, we’ll be hearing from Dr Debbie Hawker. Debbie has had a rich and varied career, from contributing to world-leading research in Eating Disorders and Obesity at the University of Oxford, to providing psychological assistance to missionaries all over the planet with her husband, Dr Dave Hawker - also a psychologist. Of her many books, one of the most recent, Resilience in Life and Faith: Finding your strength in God (co-authored with Tony Horsfall) has taken a holistic view of resilience, as spiritual, physical, emotional, cognitive and systemic. We’ll be speaking to Debbie about what this has meant for her personally and professionally, how she weaves together psychological expertise and deeply held Christian conviction, and how all of this can be brought to bear on perhaps the most imminent existential threat of our generation - the challenge of climate change.

Do join us for what promises to be a fascinating and far-reaching conversation, with plenty of time to connect and share online with other BACiP members. We hope to see you there.

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