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Join us for our next event

BACiP Conference 2024
1st- 3rd March 2024

Minding the Gap:

Creating Bridges between Science & Psychology and the Issues facing our Local Churches/Communities.


What if science and religion were not opposites at all? Instead, what if they needed each other? As Professor David Wilkinson from St John’s, Durham University would argue;

“Lots of people believe that science and Christian faith are in conflict. But I think one of the real problems of the conflict model is it claims that science and theology say exactly the same things about the world. And therefore, if they say different things, one has to be right, and one has to be wrong … I think that’s far too simplistic.”

Many of us within BACiP can resonate with such feelings. Church clergy and congregations are often not sure what to do with psychology and psychologists/therapist within their congregations. Yet many of the issues facing congregations and communities have a great deal of synergy with psychologists/therapist skills and training: working with systems/conflicts/relationship dynamics/effective learning strategies/finding and keeping the right staff/healing people in distress/ making sense of evil and suffering ……

Our guest speaker at this year’s BACIP annual conference, Revd Dr. Kathryn Pritchard at Mission and Public Affairs in the Church of England, is part of the Equipping Christian Leadership in an Age of Science (ECLAS) Project. ECLAS is working to bridge the gaps observed between the faith and science communities. It was born from the conviction that science is a gift from God, but that too often Christian leaders lack the confidence and tools to engage with scientific questions. ECLAS provides grants for those seeking to equip and engage clergy, congregations and communities in a range of science and social science projects
Kathryn will be presenting the project alongside the leaders of two Scientists in Congregations (SIC) projects working in the field of mental health:

Rebekah Allon-Smith, Psychotherapist and Trainer who co-directs the Faith in Mind: Science, Faith and Mental Health project, an initiative which equips members of local churches to support more effectively those with addictions and mental health needs.

Pastor Adeyinka Oshin, MSc in Science Communication & Elder Bisi Adeniran, mental health nurse who co-direct Elijah, The Tishbite – Let’s Talk About Mental Health, is a project based on the mental health challenge of Prophet Elijah as documented in the Bible in 1 Kings 19: 1 – 21.

The project explores the strategies he went through to experience a recovery and continue with his profession and life and aims to equip clergy and congregations with strategies that are applicable in current times to address mental health conditions. 

We are very honoured that they have given up their weekends to share their experiences with us so we can learn together. Do bring your challenges and ideas.

Also speaking at this year's conference:

Prof Darren Oldbridge who will present an academic perspective on this issue, looking at how Psychological concepts and history have been used in the past to help us to make sense of the Devil and Evil; a crucial topic for many people today, especially with our current international turmoil.

We look forward to seeing you then for fellowship, worship, fun and fruitful discussions

We will be gathering at High Leigh Christian Conference Centre in Hertfordshire. 

The cost of the weekend will be £280 for members and £320 for non-members which includes 2 night accommodation in a private bedroom and meals will be provided on Friday night, all day Saturday and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. 

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